Overview of various zines I’ve worked on.
*Zines marked with an asterisk are hosted or co-hosted by me.


Witchawave Zine(2018)

A digital charity zine combining Vaporwave & Witches aesthetics.
Only available until August 1st.
Info here &  Buy it here!



This zine is currently in progress!! Artist list will be made available soon~












The moon zine – SLEEP (2018)

Submitted a small doodle to this sweet zine,
Read the issue right here for free!


CanvasSwap – Issue 2 (2018)

A zine where the artists create pieces together by passing them along per phase(sketch,lines,color).
This issue has a Steampunk theme~ hosted by Canvasswap.
Pre-order it here.


Super Zine Odyssey (2018)

Got to join this really sweet fan-zine hosted by DoodledStars!
You can pre-order the digital editions here.



Summer-themed digital art zine featuring Dutch artists.
Hosted by Chrisszilla and I, this was our first time hosting a zine.
It’s currently not available for download.