Rewards Program

Save for free Shop Coupons & Custom artwork with our Store Rewards Program.

What is a Peetsj Store Reward Card?

For every €15 you spend in my shop, you’ll get a special sticker used to fill your Reward card.
Once it’s full, you can redeem it for either a free digital portrait sketch or a €10 store coupon code.

digital anime style portrait sketch rewards program reward example
Digital Portrait Sketch Example

How to get a Reward Card

Simply tick “I’d like a free Reward Card” while checking out in the webshop, or ask for one when you visit my table at a convention.

Redemption Instructions

When your Reward card is full, you may pick from a free Digital Portrait Sketch or a €10 store coupon code.

Step 1. Fill in your name, email address and check one of the rewards on the card.
Step 2. Take a clear picture of the entire card.
Step 3. Email picture of card (along with character description/reference for Digital Portrait Sketch if applicable) to
You will receive your drawing or unique coupon code via email asap :)

video showing a reward card sticker being applied to the rewards program card

Rewards Program Additional Info

There is currently no expiration date for Reward Cards, Stickers or Coupon Codes obtained through the Rewards Program.

Every Coupon code is unique and can only be redeemed once. Coupon can be used on any items except shipping costs. Only 1 coupon per order. No minimum order quantity needed.

Please provide clear visual and/or written reference for your Digital Portrait Sketch, this can be of any character or person.
For more examples of my art style please refer to my Instagram page.
Once you have requested a Digital Portrait Sketch, please allow up to a week for delivery.
We keep full rights to deny any request, should your Portrait request be denied, then you will receive an email requesting an alternative choice.

(Video of Reward Card Sticker being applied)

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