My latest Projects


How to design your persona (2018)

My first e-book is about creating,designing and improving your artist persona.
Also includes tons of practical tips and exercises to help you.

Zomer Art Zine (2017)

A summer-themed art zine hosted by Chrisszilla and I.
We wanted to celebrate Dutch Artists while seeing their vision of a typical summer.

Petsj & Osker Comics (2016)

Doodle comics based on real-life events surrounding Petsj,Osker but most of all cats!

MiniMaze 1-bit Gamejam Entry (2016)

My first attempt at a gamejam game so I made it in a day.
The jam’s restrictions included only 2 colors, no audio and a 1 by 1 pixel resolution.


Camemelball (2016)

My very first game release, a 1-4 player pong game featuring Camemel and his friends.
(note: the game has a bug where the ball may get stuck so sorry for that!)