Contact Me

I’m currently available for Illustration and concept work and commissions.
For business inquiries,comments or questions please send me an email at




Where else can I reach you?
Instagram: @peetsj
Twitter: @peetsji
Facebook: @peetsjart

How does commissioning you work?
Send me an email with a clear description of your idea, and I will reply with a quote or decline.
When the price is agreed upon by both parties, I will send you an invoice.
After payment I will start working on the commission and keep you updated on it’s progress.
When it’s finished you will recieve the drawing(s).

How much does it cost?
The pricing can vary depending on the scale of the project, any possible deadlines,
subject matter and art style(see my portfolio for reference), usage of the final piece(s),
licenses etc. Feel free to ask for a quote!

What software do you use?
2D: Clip Studio Paint Pro, Pyxel Edit
Recording: OBS Studio
Game development: Unity Engine
various: Trello, PureRef
Android apps: Autodesk Sketchbook

What kind of tablet do you have?
I use a Huion GT-190 screen tablet!